Editorial services


The right editorial input can ensure high quality written material that is appropriate for its purpose and audience.


I have experience of a range of editorial work gained during my in-house and freelance careers, and I offer an accurate and efficient service including the following:

Work can be carried out on-screen or on paper, in line with your requirements.



I offer a flexible service with fast turnaround available.



Examples of the type of commissions I undertake are:

I will consider work in any field, but bring expertise and added value to work related to the following areas: the social sciences, social policy, social research; government and the wider public sector. I have particular experience of working in the justice and health and social care fields.





Rates for all services are negotiable, dependent on the nature of the job, the skills and experience required and the timescales for the work. A fixed rate or word-count rate will be agreed when a job is accepted. However, indicative rates for "standard" proofreading and editing jobs are as follows:

A standard job is typically characterised by largely continuous text, a non-specialist topic, non-technical language, limited use of graphics and pictures. Not all jobs are standard or fall into set categories, and the rate for any particular job will be confirmed on the basis of sample text.



Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your editorial requirements.